An arresting sight


“Guess who was lunching at the BLUE SCORCHER BAKERY & CAFE Thursday, Jan. 22?” TERRY ANDREWS queried. A rhetorical question, to be sure, as he promptly provided the answer. “SHERIFF LITTLE from the popular 1980s TV show, ‘DUKES OF HAZZARD,’” he replied.

“DON PEDRO COLLEY is an Oregon native from Klamath Falls (he still lives there) who had a long career in Hollywood in movies and TV shows including ‘Daniel Boone’ and ‘Starsky and Hutch.’” The actor is pictured at the Blue Scorcher, and as Sheriff Little (inset).

“In the ‘Dukes of Hazzard,’ Colley was the hulking chief law enforcement officer of neighboring Chickasaw County,” Terry reminded the Ear, “who had a tendency to punch and kick fenders and doors off of cars he wrecked, in anger. The ill-tempered sheriff hated Bo and Luke immensely, and they were well aware that they were not allowed to enter his county.

“Colley, who was wearing a baseball cap emblazoned with the word ‘sheriff,’ was friendly and conversant, explaining that he was on a tour promoting some of the old TV classics and stopped in Astoria to get a feel for the flavor of the town.” Want to know more about him? Check out

“When told that Colley was having lunch at the Scorcher, (the bakery) co-founder JOE GARRISON said he had cut his teeth on that show,” Terry observed. “Probably many others of his generation did, as well.”

— Elleda Wilson

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