Remember when a Japanese KASAGI, was found WASHED UP in Oceanside a few weeks ago? Another one, pictured, turned up Monday, spotted by a visitor in the vicinity of the Siuslaw South Jetty near Florence, according to CHRIS HAVEL of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

In case you’re wondering, a kasagi is the top horizontal part of a torii, or archway. Pictured, inset, an intact torii. According to Japanese Reference (, torii are the gateways to Shinto sanctuaries and sacred places, first appearing in Japan in the 10th century. The kasagi is traditionally made of stone and wood, and is either unpainted, or painted red.

This new arrival “is approximately 14 feet long and 3 feet wide, and painted black and red,” Chris reported. “The Consular Office of Japan in Portland has been contacted about this second find. The exact origins of both the Oceanside and the Siuslaw South Jetty objects are not yet known.”

In the meantime, a crew removed the kasagi from the shore on Tuesday, and it is being stored at a nearby state park maintenance compound for safekeeping.

— Elleda Wilson


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