Astoria High School lost some valuable staff members to retirement last year. Jeri Olson, office manager for 27 years at AHS, retired last year. You can expect to see her around helping out. New office manager Janice Newlon will be at the front desk keeping the school running smoothly. Janice comes to us from Columbia Academy. She has a degree from Washington State University, speaks Spanish and Russian, has excellent people skills and has office managerial experience in Russia, Hawaii, and at Columbia Academy. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Assisting Janice in the office and replacing Jennifer Sadtler, who left us to go to the Valley, will be Beth Thomson. Beth is a graduate of Willamette University, has a major in Psychology, experience with accounting, and excellent computer skills. This new team coupled with Ms. Thiel and Ms. Larson will make the AHS office a place people will look forward to coming to and a place where all problems can be addressed. Be sure to introduce yourself during registration, they want to get to know each of you.

In the classroom, Mr. Johnson has moved to Bend and the Choir program this year will be taught by Matt Pierce. Mr. Pierce is a 1st year teacher from Western Oregon that comes to us with some of the highest praise I have ever heard for a teacher. He is dedicated, professional, and talented. I believe he will make great things happen with our choir and our community.

Stan Lund will be returning in our Resource Room and with our Special Needs students. Stan was with us two years ago but had to leave for family reasons. His return this year is eagerly anticipated. He is someone our kids can count on for help when they need it.

Terry Panowicz left our counseling office this year to return to Portland. Many will miss her. Terry will be replaced by Ally Oswald. Ally has worked in our office, student taught in our building and already spent many hours in the counseling office helping with emergencies. Ms. Oswald is a woman of incredible skills and energy and she will be a strong addition to our staff and counseling department. She also just delivered an 8 pound 5 ounce baby boy named Miles you will undoubtedly see around school this year.

Astoria High School has a strong staff of tremendous teachers. These excellent additions will make our staff even better and will help to improve what we can do for kids.


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