It's that time: fall sports are in the air, department stores are advertising back to school sales, the salmon are moving into the Columbia River, and the halls are clean and ready. Summer is almost over and school is ready to begin! We hope our students had a summer of play, work, and wonderful memories and that they are eager to return to Astoria High School. We are excited to see each of them and begin the new school year.

The remodel is complete and we will not have to move in around construction this year. The citizens of Astoria have provided AHS students with one of the best high school facilities in the state of Oregon. EMAIL THE PRINCIPALHaving only five phone lines to meet the needs of approximately 750 students and 40 staff members means that occasionally you may not be able to get through. We apologize for the inconvenience. The cost of adding additional phone lines is not currently within the budget. Feel free to email Principal Lockett at ( )

Please type "AHS Parent" as the subject so your email won't be trashed as potential SPAM. Also, check out our website to access teacher email addresses! Thank you for all your efforts to communicate vital information with the school!

This past summer, with our Federal PE Grant, we were able to complete a world class weight room, add a mountain climbing wall in our new gym, purchase bicycles, kayaks, canoes and a host of PE equipment. Coach Rub was able to get volunteers to help paint the gym (a special thanks to David Gutierrez for painting the fisherman and the lettering), and we will be getting new lights in the gym plus lights and sound in the auditorium. It's a great time to be a Fisherman!!!

Federal and State School Reports are in and we are extremely proud of how Astoria High School preformed last year. We were 11.5% higher in Math than the state average and we were 26.7% higher with our Language Arts score. Each of our sub groups (Special Ed, English as a Second Language, Economically Disadvantaged et al) made the minimum state and federal requirements. We did not make the list as a superior school because only 94.7% of our students tested and we needed 95% to reach our goal. We are appealing this as our records indicate 97% of our kids tested. This is a strong indicator of the quality education our teachers are providing for our students at Astoria High School.

You will find this newsletter helpful in starting our new school year. It contains information about mail-in registration, fees, the beginning of school, Freshman Orientation Day, athletic participation, and an introduction to changes made to enhance student learning at AHS. If you have any questions please call Astoria High School at 325-3911. We are eager to assist you.


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