SEASIDE - Judith B. Glad will sign her book, "The Lost Baroness," from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 at A Whale of a Tale, 203 Avenue A, Seaside.

"The Lost Baroness" takes place in Astoria and features a wealth of local landmarks. Buffalo Lachlan promised a dying man he'd find a lost twin, and he has been following nebulous clues and vague rumors halfway around the world ever since. His search leads him to Astoria during the cold, rainy winter of 1873.

Billed as a historical romance, the book is part of Glad's "Behind the Ranges" series. She also writes contemporary romance.

Glad has lived all her life within shouting distance of the Oregon Trail. A botanist by profession, she turned to writing when she retired.

Liisa Penner, Clatsop County historian writes "Clatsop County has all the elements to inspire writers and film-makers: magnificent scenery, a population exposed to the hazards of work in the woods and waterways, a stratified society with class conflicts, a large criminal underworld, the rapid influx of immigrants from Europe and the Far East, and devastating fires and landslides.

"Judith Glad has chosen some of these elements to create a story that takes place in our area. She spent many hours doing her research at the Heritage Museum, the Astoria Library and reading the old Astoria newspapers. It is a pleasure to read this book and see the local references. We hope that others will follow."


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