Sibyl James, author of "Adventures of Stout Mama" and "In China with Harpo and Karl," visits Studio Access & Gallery Saturday, Sept. 10 to meet her readers and sign copies of her works.

Her latest book, "Ho Chi Minh's Motorbike," immerses the reader in the world of Vietnam through the eyes of an American tourist. James examines contemporary Vietnam as well as the ghosts of the past; her in-sights on the nature of war, imperialism and the role of women are informed by her experiences as a war protester, a teacher in China and a woman. The language is vivid, colorful and clean, and the descriptions build gradually, as if the reader is on the journey with the narrator and is slowly reaching the point of saturation of both culture and landscape.

"It is a personal journey," James writes, "and it is the story of the remembered collision of the U.S. with Vietnam." James believes that the more we understand about other cultures, the less likely we are to be in conflict with them.

James is the author of three books of poetry and two nonfiction books. She holds a Ph.D. in English and has 25 years of experience teaching children, college students and senior citizens at schools in China, Mexico and as a Fulbright professor in Tunisia and the Ivory Coast.

Meet James from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10 at Studio Access & Gallery, 453A 11th St. For information, call (503) 325-3241.


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