Making news and noise from the underground upward, Jeph Jerman (percussion, stones, wood and other sounds) and Paul Hoskin (clarinets and baritone saxophone) play at Astoria's AVA Gallery at 9 p.m. Saturday, June 18.

To form their "reunion tour," Jerman and Hoskin will play together for the first time in five years. From dense to sparse, from thick to thin, and from the knowable to the mysterious, the duo has been described as "burning" free jazz.

Jerman has the credit of forming Blowhole in 1991. The band played for almost 10 years, releasing many records, tapes and CDs containing collective improvisation as a modus operandi. In 1999, he founded the first Animist Orchestra, to investigate music not based on ego, but on listening. AO's recording "Wuwei" was quoted as sounding "at times, like the rustlings of naked ashen-cloaked elders marking out maps with rocks and shards of wood, choruses of bullroarers calling out across the lonesome prairie, hundreds of small insects rustling through a bed of leaves and acorns."

Hoskin, self-educated in playing the bass and clarinet exclusively, has worked in innumerable settings as well as developing his skills as a solo performer. He has worked with Trigger, Tactile (with Lori Goldston on cello), UnFolkUs (with Bill Horist on guitar) and numerous other projects. Hoskin is the creator of the Seattle Improvised Music Festival, founded in 1985. He organized an evening of spontaneous music-making in a loft space at the former Lincoln Arts Center in Belltown, combining more than a dozen local improvisers in unfamiliar groupings to ensure surprising interplay. Little did the participants in this low-key event suspect that it would evolve into the longest-running annual showcase for freely improvised music in the United States. A native of Seattle, Hoskin has lived on both coasts and traveled globally.

A $3 cover charge ensures admission to an intriguing night for all ages, not to be missed at the AVA Gallery, 160 10th St.


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