Lulu Quinn, an 18-year-old senior at Astoria High School, will show several of her oils, drawings, sculptures and watercolors at the AVA Gallery, 160 10th St. An opening reception will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 8. Quinn's work runs in tandem with a show, "Collected," featuring the artwork of Andrea Kosharek, Grant Wood and Mae Starr, through Jan. 30. The opening reception will offer live music by Voltage Regulator.

Quinn's show, "Random," is her senior project. Profits from the sale of her work will go to the Lower Columbia Hospice, a nonprofit organization that provides support to terminally ill patients and their families. "Hospice really helped my family when my 15-year-old cousin was dying in Sun Valley, Idaho," Quinn said. "I'd like to give something back."

Quinn has been studying with Jimmy Pickering, whose work is featured at Lunar Boy Gallery. He has also served as Quinn's mentor for her senior project.

Quinn moved to Astoria, with her mother, Donna Quinn, in 2002. Lulu Quinn said Astoria is "the most beautiful place I've ever lived because of all this water and rain." Plus, there are lots of opportunities for artists here, she said.

Lulu Quinn volunteers at the AVA Gallery, the Columbia River Maritime Museum and KMUN radio station. She plans to pursue art in college.


"Collected" brings together the art of three diverse artists with a range of styles. Mae Starr's acrylic paintings are "nonobjective representations that meditate on color," while Grant Wood uses natural objects in his complex assemblages and Andrea Kosharek blurs the lines of photography by incorporating them into her multi-media collages.

All three artists draw from the oldest of inspirations, the natural world, with unique results. Accompanying Starr's acrylic paintings will be her sculptural branches, some of which are woven into balls and painted primary colors. Wood's boxed assemblages are a blend of Joseph Cornell and James Audobon. The local landscape resonates in Kosharek's photographic work, as do the dark, gothic nightscapes that she photographed in Europe.

Voltage Regulator will create an ambient set utilizing live samples collected from both near and afar. Kosharek heads up the project with Jason Tosch. The samples that Kosharek has collected come from such places as Arch Cape Creek and Falcon Cove Beach to the streets of Chicago and the Gare Du Nord railway station in Paris, France.


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