“We found out that our 1880s BACK BAR AT THE SILVER SALMON, pictured above, had FOUR FIGUREHEADS mounted on it,” JEFF MARTIN, owner of the Silver Salmon Grille with his wife, LAURIE, told the Ear. “Each post was adorned with a hand carved lady figurehead like those on the front of a ship.” But where are the figureheads now? 

Here’s a little history to add to the mystery, from Jeff: “The 130-year old back bar came around Cape Horn on a tall ship in the 1880s. It is made out of hand carved Scottish cherry wood. It was first placed in Anna Bays Social Club, a house of ill repute here in Astoria. It was abandoned during Prohibition in a warehouse down at the Port of Astoria. It was refurbished in the late 1940s and placed in its current location, which was then Thiel Brothers Restaurant, and is now the Silver Salmon Grille.” 

“Each figurehead is approximately two- to three-feet high,” Jeff explained, “and is the shape of the upper body of a woman, like those on the front of a tall ship, and made out of the same cherry wood. They were supposedly removed when the Brass Rail closed its doors in the 1990s.”

Jeff and Laurie would like to find out who has the figureheads and get them back to their proper placement on the back bar. Anyone with information on their whereabouts, or who might have them, is encouraged to contact Jeff at (503) 338-6640. 

“We would love to get them back,” Jeff added.


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