Bake on the lake


Since Astoria no longer has a sauna on Marine Drive, how about a floating sauna, or two, instead? Yes, really, there is one, created by goCstudio ( and it can be seen regularly on Seattle’s Lake Union and Lake Washington, according to ( It is pictured, courtesy of Kevin Scott.

Up to six people at a time can use the 14-foot high, 24 square foot sauna, which is heated by a wood-burning stove, and also has a deck and diving board. No lightweight, it comes in at 4,500 pounds, cost $25,000 to build, and is powered by an electric trolling motor with three 12-volt batteries.

But here’s the deal: You can’t access the sauna by land — you can only get to it by water, a nod to Seattle’s history of floating architecture.

— Elleda Wilson