Beam me up, Scotty


On Sept. 29, Angela Reed could easily have died in a devastating house fire in Warrenton that did kill several of her beloved pets. “I thank my lucky stars for my goat, Scotty (pictured). My brave little one got me awake, and took me outside,” Angela told the Ear.

“That day he was playing on the beach. That night we watched the football game together, and he went to bed with me,” she explained. “He kept jumping off the bed onto the shelf, trying to make noises — but I was so used to the noises.

“When he realized he could not wake me up, he started pulling on me and nudging me with his head until I woke up. I went to the upper floor, realized it was smoke, and I grabbed his collar … He dragged me — I couldn’t catch up with him.”

Scotty, who was raised with dogs and is “so full of personality” was Angela’s constant companion, even before he saved her life. “Oddly enough, he goes everywhere with me,” she said. “He goes on car rides and shopping with me … he’s on the couch, and he took over my computer chair, when I had one.”

There’s a GoFundMe page, created by Angela’s friend, Nick Tucker, set up to help her get a fresh start, since she lost practically everything in the fire. You can donate at

“Scotty is a wonderful goat, he is my hero,” she declared. “I would also like to thank all my friends, family, and their friends for their help and donations.”

— Elleda Wilson

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