Check out these new books for adults and children at the Astoria Public Library:

New titles for adultsWriter Chandler Burr spent four years investigating the life of Luca Turin. Turin, a distinguished scientist, had made a hobby of his ability to identify scents. He published a small book on perfumes, which greatly surprised the world's perfume makers. But Turin learned in the process that no one had ever identified how the sense of smell works. He then devoted his life to that purpose. "The Emperor of Scent" describes his life and his work.

• • •

Chuck Palahniuk's newest offering, "Lullaby," features Carl Streator. Carl is a newspaper reporter writing a series of articles on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. He makes a startling discovery - at the scene of more than one death, the anthology Poems and Rhymes Around the World is present and open to the same African chant. This chant is lethal once it is spoken aloud or even thought in anyone's direction, and Streator finds himself an involuntary serial killer. How can he stop himself?

• • •

Two terrific resources for parents, decorators, and gardeners are "Great Gardens for Kids" by Clare Matthews and "Creative Spaces for Kids" by Lauren Floodgate, Nikki Haslam, Gill Brewis, and Karen O'Grady.

"Great Gardens for Kids" features imaginative gardens based on functions and features. Chapter headings include active play, furniture, water, wildlife and pets, celebrations and safety. Photography by Clive Nichols makes this a wonderful book for browsing.

"Creative Spaces for Kids" is equally eye-catching and joyful. There are rooms to suit all ages, from birth to teenage years, and many of the colorful ideas will enchant adults as well. There are 45 step-by-step projects, handy storage tips and innovative finishing touches.

• • •

Hebrew and Yiddish literature can often have a spiritual theme based on the Bible. "In the Image," a first novel by Dara Horn, follows this tradition. Bill Landsmann is an elderly Jewish refugee who is building a slide collection of images inspired by the Bible. When he meets his granddaughter's friend, Leora, the novel covers both the past and the future for both families.

New titles for children and teensArthur's soccer team is headed for the playoffs. That is if Francine and The Brain can settle their argument. They are the team's best players, but they won't even pass the ball to each other. What can Arthur and Buster do to help them resolve their differences? Find out in "Arthur and the Big Blow-up" a beginning chapter book by Marc Brown. Recommended for children in grades 3-4.

• • •

"Will you walk into my parlor said the Spider to the Fly ..." These are the opening words of a classic cautionary tale about the failings of flattery. The book, "The Spider and the Fly," is based on a poem by Mary Howitt and illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. Using influences from classic black and white movies of the 1920s and 1930s, DiTerlizzi draws readers into the intriguing world of the this clever spider. Winner of the Caldecott Honor Award for illustrations, this book will become a classic itself. The book and accompanying audiocassette tape are now ready for check out. Recommended for children in grades K-3.

• • •

In the days of the Civil War, it was common for women to keep journals or scrapbooks. "Dear Ellen Bee: A Civil War Scrapbook of Two Union Spies" is written by Mary E. Lyons and Muriel M. Branch. This historic fiction novel describes how two women undermine the Confederate Army and help the Union win the war. One woman is a well-to- do white society matron. Her partner in spying is a black servant woman. Together they use coded messages, and secret signals to pass on valuable information. Recommended for youth in grades 5-8.

• • •

Being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder can be scary and confusing for children. "The A.D.D. Book for Kids" by Shelley Rotner and Sheila Kelly, Ed.D. is designed for children and parents to read together. Brightly colored photographs of kids in every day situations accompany simple and informative text about A.D.D. Children will learn what A.D.D. is and how best to cope with it in a positive supporting manner. Recommended for children in grades K-3.

• • •

Children see them and marvel. They're big, loud and impressive. The book "Frieght Trains" by Darlene R. Stille gives children a close up view of these terrific trains. Colorful photographs and easy to read text tell kids all they need to know about the engine, the different cars, and the people who run them. Recommended for children in grades K-3.

- Jane Tucker, librarian and Patty Skinner, senior assistant librarian, Astoria Public Library


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