Check out these new books at the Astoria Public Library:

A new homicide reconnects Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, retired, to a case he had thought was closed. The Golden Calf Mine, whether myth or real, had resulted in a death. The killer, Wiley Denton, confessed and did his time. But now there is a new homicide and the old plot to swindle Denton out of his money is alive and well again. "The Wailing Wind" is the newest novel by Tony Hillerman. The book is available in both regular and large print.

• • •From easy to elegant, every recipe in "The Perfect Cake" by Susan G. Purdy will make your mouth water. From the humble pound cake to the most enticing torte, Purdy offers tips and ideas on how to prepare the pans for baking and how to measure ingredients. From there, every recipe from Devil's Food through Buttermilk Spice Cake through Grand Marnier Genoise is guaranteed to ruin your appetite for anything but cake.

• • •Contemporary fantasy is the genre, and the Oregon Coast is the setting for David Herter's newest novel, "Evening's Empire." Russell Kent returns to the site of his wife's death in the town of Evening. He has been commissioned to write a new opera based on Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." It is only in Evening, the town where his love died, that he feels capable of working again.

• • •A variety of skill levels and interests are met in Diane Thiel's new book, "Writing Your Rhythm Using Nature, Culture, Form and Myth." Thiel has an extensive teaching background and is currently a Fulbright Scholar in Odessa on the Black Sea. Her book is divided into several sections. Each short entry is followed by a suggestion for a writing exercise. Sections include Writing from Nature, Writing from Culture and Writing with Form.

• • •Trust, betrayal, marriage, and attraction form the basis of Anita Shreve's new novel, "Sea Glass." Honora and Sexton are newly married and living in a rented house. Shortly after Sexton finds a way to purchase their lovely home by the sea, the economy plunges and the pressures mount. Suddenly Honora understands how little she knows about her husband. This book is available in both large print and regular print.

• • •Four women who have been friends for decades find themselves holding a common secret in "The Girlfriends Club" by Judith Henry Wall. Mary Sue, Gretchen, Pamela and Dixie have gone to their lakeside cabin to give emotional support to Mary Sue, who is scheduled for a mastectomy in the morning. Sometime in the night, a crisis occurs that will haunt them all. Will their friendship survive? This book is available in both large print and regular print.

• • •It would seem that Ken Klein is gone for good, but his brother Will never stopped believing in his innocence. Eleven years ago, Ken's girlfriend was found raped and murdered. All the evidence pointed to Ken, who disappeared overnight. Now there is mounting evidence that Ken is trying to contact Will and that danger threatens both of them. "Gone For Good" is written by Harlan Coben.

• • •The ladies of Covington - Hannah, Grace and Amelia - welcome readers back to their small Southern town. In "From the Heart of Covington," by Joan Medlicott, Amelia takes a trip to New York City to further her photography career. Grace helps a school child who may have significant problems at home. And Hannah's daughter has an accident that will change all their lives.

• • •Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. Using a home based strength training routine designed to protect the joints while relieving stiffness and soreness, Dr. Nelson addresses arthritis in "Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis." Writing with a team of distinguished researchers, the authors address nutritional concerns and a discussion of supportive therapies.

• • •"Thanks for the Memories, Mr. President" offers readers a view of the front row at the White House press conferences. Helen Thomas has been covering the Washington White House through nine presidential administrations. In this new memoir, Thomas devotes one chapter each to the nine administrations - Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.

- Patty Skinner, senior assistant librarian, Astoria Public Library

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