Warrenton resident tells gory tale of 1857 incidentWarrenton resident Steven E. Farley has had his second book published by First Books Library.

The nonfiction work "The Mormon Mountain Meadows Massacre" tells the story of a September, 1857 wagon train massacre in southern Utah.

The account of the massacre is taken from the diary of John I. Ginn, which was discovered in 1920, and sheds new light on previously accepted details of the incident.

The massacre happened when a group of Mormons dressed as Indians wiped out a wagon train shortly after Brigham Young declared a state of war against advancing U.S. troops. Young issued an order that no emigrants could pass through Utah without his permission. The wagon train from Arkansas were already on their way south from Zion (Salt Lake City) to California and had no knowledge of the order.

"Their fine wagons and good cattle and horses excited the cupidity of the Mormons, who determined to destroy them and seize their goods, using the impending state of war as a pretext," explains 56-year-old Farley in the preface. The wagon train cargo was worth about $90,000 and was accompanied by 800 to 1,000 head of cattle. The only survivors were 17 children, all under the age of 8.

The book, which is available in hardback and paperback, is selling extremely well, he said. Although "bordering on being anti-Mormon," the book is apparently also selling well in Utah, said Farley.

The first book published by the author appeared last year. It's a fiction work titled "Child of the Lion," and is set in 1961, around Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. It tells the story of Blake Blakely, a man who leads a life of personal gain "through manipulation and lies."

Farley is working on another piece of fiction, which is set in 1860 Idaho. This tale is about a man who is half-white, half-Indian, and known as "Big Foot." He is "a mean guy" according to Farley.

Farley is a history buff who enjoys writing about western history and has traced his ancestors back to their 19th-century travels west from Missouri to Oregon.

For more information on Farley, or to purchase one of his books, go to

(www.1stbooks.com), (www.barnesandnoble.com), or (www.amazon.com). To contact Farley, e-mail him at (lock@pacifier.com) or call (503) 739-5397.


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