“I am writing to you to tell you about my grandma, SHARON WEST (pictured), also known to many as THE BREAD LADY, a longtime resident of Gearhart,” ANGEL BEDROSIAN of Poulsbo, Wash., told the Ear.

“My grandpa, MICHAEL WEST, passed away eight years ago, and instead of becoming a lonely lady who withdraws from life, she went to the Seaside food bank and began volunteering each week,” Angel explained.

Sharon recently turned 80, and for her birthday, all she wanted was for her family to purchase items for the backpack program through the local food banks.

“And now she is ready to go seven days a week to either Seaside, Warrenton or Astoria food banks, the senior home and local Head Starts,” Angel said. “She has put in hundreds of hours and thousands of miles. So many, in fact, that recently her six children put together enough money to get her a newer car.

“When we go to visit grandma we ask her, could we come to help her with her food runs? And each time she will respond by saying, ‘No, I need all the bread room I can get.’”

“So if you happen to see the little silver-haired gal cruising by in a red Buick stacked to the roof with bread,” Angel requests, “please just let her pass. Chances are she is going to help someone you may know or love.”

— Elleda Wilson


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