Lunar Boy Gallery welcomes the works of Bret Blevins and Bill Wray to its mix of contemporary cartoon expressionist artists. Animals take over as their new show, "Animal Attraction," opens Saturday, Sept. 10 at the gallery, 1133 Commercial St. Blevins and Wray are animators and character designers who have been showcasing their fun painting style at similar galleries across the country. This collection of new work can be described as a blend of former PBS painter Bob Ross with the wildly successful Far Side comics.

Blevins and Wray have been using their creative talents working on television shows such as "Ren and Stimpy" and "Samurai Jack" as well as live action and feature films including "X-Men," "Tarzan" and "Atlantis." Both have been published in numerous comics from Marvel and Dark Horse and they have also been featured in the ever-popular MAD Magazine.

Blevins says, "There is an immediate, compelling sense of human personality conveyed in the distortion and exaggerated gesture of cartooning that I love. I'm fascinated with the heightened quality of presence, mass and volume classic oil painting techniques bring to the wild impossible hijacking of reality you see in anthropomorphic cartoon animals. The characters and scenes that emerge are funny yet vaguely eerie. The weight and depth of the painting technique strikes a tension with the fanciful stylized forms and attitudes that feel pleasantly odd."

An opening reception for "Animal Attraction" is 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept 10. The show runs through Oct. 7.


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