Astoria High School hosted its first media fair last week. Students produced projects based on books they read using several media. Projects produced included posters, board games, paintings, sketches, scrapbooks, songs, soundtracks and videos, among others.

Librarian Gregory Lum coordinated the fair, which took place in the library.

Projects in each grade level and book category were judged and the top from each category competed against those of other grade levels. Students will also judge the entries today and Friday to choose their favorites. Community members and parents may view the projects during school hours today and Friday.

Senior Luke Ydstie claimed grand champion of the show with a song he wrote in response to Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World." Ydstie also won his the category for science fiction/fantasy books. Freshmen A.J. Johnson, Emily Hill, and Bailey Davis earned reserve grand champion for their film, a dramatization of Elie Wiesel's "Night." The students also won their category for biography/memoir books.

Champions in other categories included sophomore Chris M. Freeman's scrap book response to the adventure "The Red Car," junior Greg Barnes' game response to the mystery/suspense "A Time to Kill," sophomore Angela Niemi's game response to the historical fiction "Jackdaws," junior Charlotte Heard's analytical book response of general fiction "Lucy Peale," and senior Amanda Coleman's newspaper article collection response to the nonfiction "Please Help Me, God."

Some faculty members also participated by submitting their projects. Drama teacher Jenni Newton won for her artistic response to the play, "The Laramie Project."

Student Will Leino received the People's Choice Award from votes from students for his sculpture of a whale to represent "Moby Dick."

Winners received gift certificates to Lucy's Books. The fair was funded by student council, school and community contributions.

Judges for the fair included Superintendent Larry McMacken, Lucy's Books owner Laura Snyder, retired librarian Karen Kenyon, public library director Jane Tucker, Astoria Middle School Librarian Jordan Martin, Northwest Regional Educational Service District trainer Jennifer Frentess, Daily Astorian reporter Jennifer Collins, Astoria School board chairman Dave Kaspar and vice chairman Ken Chapman.


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