"The Seven Last Words of Christ," a cantata by Franz Joseph Haydn, will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Good Friday, March 25, at Grace Episcopal Church, 1545 Franklin Ave. The free event is handicapped accessible, and childcare will be provided.

The chamber music will be presented with scripture reading and comments by clergy and members of Grace Episcopal, First Lutheran and Peace Lutheran churches.

In 1786, Franz Josef Haydn was asked to compose music for a devotion during Lent in Cadiz, Spain. The resulting sacred cantata, "The Seven Last Words of Christ," was performed by a choir and small chamber orchestra with the Bishop intoning each of the Seven Last Words, or sentences, that Christ said from the cross. Because of the work's immense popularity, the following year Haydn arranged a string quartet version, which local string ensemble Con Amici will perform with eight players for a larger sound.

Brief readings will be presented between musical movements by the Rev. Richard Loop of Grace Episcopal Church, Pastor John Wecker of First Lutheran Church and Pastor John Finstuen of Peace Lutheran Church, plus members of their congregations.

Grace Episcopal Church was first used for services on Easter Sunday in 1886. The church is Victorian Gothic with excellent acoustics for chamber music.

Con Amici will play as an octet, joined by musicians from the North Oregon Coast Symphony.