WARRENTON — Clatsop Animal Assistance Inc. of Warrenton has announced it has been awarded a $4,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to be used for veterinary care for the dogs and cats at the Clatsop County Animal Control and Shelter.

CAA was started in 1999, in part to improve the lives of the local shelter animals and increase adoption rates. One of the biggest drains on CAA resources is the cost of veterinary care for shelter cats and dogs that have existing health problems or in the event of veterinary emergencies.

Paying for antibiotics and other critical medicines (that aren’t provided for in the shelter’s budget) are also picked up by the nonprofit. CAA also subsidizes a portion of the cost to spay and neuter all adoptable shelter animals in its continuing effort to reduce pet overpopulation.

The Petco Foundation grant will be spent directly on the care and treatment provided to animals by local area veterinarians who offer their services at reduced rates for CAA. As a result of this care, animals have a much better chance of being adopted into a loving, permanent home.

“We’re very grateful to the Petco Foundation for this generous award. A heartfelt thank you from CAA and the animals,” said Rae Zimmerling, CAA president.

For information about CAA, go to http://dogsncats.org, call 503-861-7387, email info@dogsncats.org or look for “Clatsop Animal Assistance” on Facebook.

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