Making local historyMost of us who call the Columbia-Pacific region home can reel off several famous names who made their mark on the local scene and went on to be memorialized in the history books: William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Chief Coboway, Capt. George Flavel, Capt. Robert Gray, John Jacob Astor ... but several someones seem to be missing from that list. They would be the women who have made significant contributions to the development of the North Coast as we know it.

The American Association of University Women's Seaside branch hopes to fill in some gaps during March, which is Women's History Month, with displays that celebrate the lives of several women who have made our communities what they are.

Last year's display honored women who were first to accomplish something on the North Coast. This year's display will build on that theme and feature today's women who have added to local life. Honorees include businesswomen, scholarship winners and AAUW state presidents.

The Seaside AAUW is taking recommendations for next year's honorees, "influential women in our county." Suggestions may be mailed to Seaside AAUW, P.O. Box 693, Seaside, OR 97138.

Last year's honorees:

Clatsop tribal princess Jennie Michel (1815-1905); Dr. Bethenia Owens Adair (1840-1926), first woman surgeon in the Northwest; Clara Munson, mayor of Warrenton 1912-14,

first female mayor west of the Rockies; Joyce Williams, mayor of Seaside 1978-90; Eloise York, mayor of Warrenton 1981-85; Edith Henningsgaard Miller, mayor of Astoria 1983-90; and Lucille Houston, mayor of Cannon Beach 1981-86, among others

Local women featured in this year's displays:

Jean Ter Har of Ter Har's; Kay Duncan of Kay Lynn's; Marguerite Phillips of Phillips Candy; Marianne Poole of Pig 'N Pancake; Cheri Folk of Bank of Astoria; scholarship recipients Evie Alburas and Joanne Surbier; AAUW state presidents Betty Moser and Margene Ridout; Evangaline Duff McNeill of the Cannon Beach Conference Center and Barbara Gray, promoter of local activities

Displays located at:

Seaside Carousel Mall and honorees' businesses; Cannon Beach Historical Society

Dates for viewing displays:

March 1-31

Source: Pat Lehman, Seaside branch AAUW


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