Your Charity Dollars Hard At WorkUnited Way of Clatsop County has allocated funds from its 2002 activities, as it gears up for the 2003 campaign.

The organization's local mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of Clatsop County communities. It does this by giving much needed funding to nonprofit organizations providing emergency aid; services to children, youth and families; life management, family services and education; shelter and housing; and to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. United Way's modus operandi is to research the problems in a community, set goals to address those issues and fund programs already in existence that find solutions.

Raising campaign contributions may be tough this year in Oregon. According to the United Way Web site for the Willamette-Columbia region, Oregon as the highest hunger rate in the nation, as well as the highest food insecurity rate (not knowing where the next meal is coming from). The state also has one of the highest unemployment rates.

In Clatsop County, 2002 United Way campaign dollars were used in the following ways:

Emergency Aid

(American Red Cross, Clatsop Community Action, etc.) 13 percent

Children, Youth and Families

(Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Kiwanilong, etc.) 17 percent

Life Management, Family Services and Education

(Lives In Transition, Caring Options, etc.) 7 percent

Shelter and Housing

(Women's Resource Center, Restoration House, etc.) 15 percent

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

(Pioneer House, Healing Circle, etc.) 13 percent

Other Agencies 16 percent

Campaign Costs 14 percent

Administration 5 percent

Source: Clatsop County United Way


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