Astoria Co-op

The Astoria Co-op donated $1,618.61 to Clatsop Animal Assistance. Pictured, from left, Erin Kellow, CAA volunteer, Marcy Dunning, CAA Board president, Matt Stanley, Astoria Co-op general manager, Dan Levens and Jennifer Douglass, Astoria Co-op staff members, and Bodie the dog.

The Astoria Co-op donated more than $1,600 to Clatsop Animal Assistance (CAA) after fundraising for a month. In January, shoppers rounded up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donated their pocket change and reusable bag credits.

CAA pays for veterinary care, cat litter, grooming and other supplies at the Clatsop County Animal Shelter. The nonprofit promotes the shelter’s adoption program and is committed to reducing pet overpopulation.

“We are grateful to our wonderful supportive community for individual donations and community-sponsored fundraisers,” CCA Board President Marcy Dunning said.

The donation is part of the co-op’s program, Change for Community, which aims to reap reward for local nonprofits as well as incentivizing the use of reusable bags.

After starting the program in May, the co-op has raised $7,359 in donations and believes there’s even more potential to make a positive impact in 2019 as the program gains awareness. The co-op hopes to make an even bigger community impact in its expanded store, which is under construction.

This month, the co-op is raising funds for Helping Hands, the local nonprofit that serves the homeless. For information, go to