4-H Presentations

Junior 4-H member Katrina Phillips demonstrates how to make peanut butter cookies at the 4-H Presentation Competition.

On March 5, at the 4-H Presentations Competition, local 4-H members gave their presentations or demonstrations on a particular subject in front of a judge, parents and other 4-H members.

Those in grades four to six talked for three to 10 minutes; those in grades seven to 12 were required to talk for 10 to 15 minutes. Impromptu speeches were also given about various aspects of the 4-H program.

Judging criteria included subject matter, voice, manner and appearance, visual clarity and how they answered the judge’s questions. The top junior winners were: Demonstration Champion, Jake O’Connor; Demonstration Reserve Champion and Impromptu Reserve Champion, Katrina Phillips; Illustrated Talk Champion, Titus Cano; Illustrated Talk Reserve Champion, Faith Jones; Public Speech Champion and Impromptu Speech Champion, William Phillips.

Intermediate winners were: Illustrated Talk Champion and Impromptu Champion, Alicia Cano; Illustrated Talk Reserve Champion and Impromptu Reserve Champion, Matthew Cano.

The top overall winners were: Junior Grand Champion, Katrina Phillips; Junior Reserve Champion, Jake O’Connor; Intermediate Grand Champion, Alicia Cano; and Intermediate Reserve Grand Champion, Matthew Cano.

For information about 4-H membership or 4-H leadership, call the Clatsop County Extension office at 503-325-8573.

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