SEAL ROCK — Those who can get to the coast with a camera Monday and Tuesday can play a role in this year’s King Tide project. The Oregon branch of this international volunteer effort to document the reach of the year’s highest tides is sponsored by the CoastWatch program of the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and the state’s Coastal Management Program, along with the Surfrider Foundation and local watershed councils.

Photographers of every level of ability are needed to document the next set of high tides Jan. 19-21 and again Feb. 17-19. Find links to tide tables and suggestions for posting photographs, at or

Volunteers are asked to take photos at the highest point of the tide on those days. Those that show the location of the tide in relation to the built environment (roads, seawalls, buildings) are especially useful in demonstrating impending threats. The ideal photo would be taken from a location where the photographer can return later at an ordinary high tide to take a comparison shot.

Participating photographers are asked to post their photographs on the project’s Flickr site, Those who don’t wish to use Flickr can e-mail their photo files to

At the conclusion of the project, a celebration is being held beginning at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 20 at the South Beach location of the Rogue Brewery in Newport. The best of the King Tide photos will be shown, photographers will be on hand to comment, and there will be a special speaker. The event is free and open to all, with some refreshments provided, and beer and meals available from the Rogue.

For information about the technical aspects of the project, contact Andy Lanier, coastal resources specialist with the Oregon Coastal Management Program, at 503-934-0072 or