Public's help needed

Orange hawkweed

The Clatsop Soil and Water Conservation District is seeking help from the public in finding orange hawkweed, an invasive plant listed by the Oregon State Weed Board as a Class A noxious weed.

The district has been awarded a grant for survey and herbicide treatment of this plant, as well as matgrass, gorse and yellow archangel.

Orange hawkweed, pilosella aurantiacum, has been found in three locations in Clatsop County, and is just starting to bloom. It is an aggressive perennial plant that spreads by both runners and dandelion-like seeds, eventually forming a dense mat that replaces native vegetation. Orange hawkweed can even overtake lawns. Early detection and control of this species is necessary to quickly stop the spread.

For information about noxious weeds, go to the Oregon Department of Agriculture website at Report suspected locations of orange hawkweed by calling 503-325-4571, or emailing