Damian Mulinix of the Penny Collection Recordings is made up of me and other me's, plus some assorted friends and neighbors, including Preacher House Blues (aka Eric Ellis). In the past I've been fortunate to play with such fine musicians as Baldo Pulido, Ben Harwood, Zack Freiwald and Beth, Vinessa and McKenzie.

It sounds something like guitars ascending away with the help of wind storms, electric piano, percussion toys, bass, lap steel, harp, kids keyboards, green tambourines, hand claps, runaway choirs, phonograph, harmonium, air organs, fingers snapping, banjo bowing, pan lids crashing. Some singing is obviously involved.

Damian Mulinix of the Penny Collection Recordings can be found lost on the beach, up in the attic, at your favorite candy store or at: www.damianmulinix.com

Penny Collection Recordings started out as me recording stuff at home and has turned into a collection of devices and people to form a home studio of sorts and a group of like-minded friends who like to make music. In the months and hopefully years to come, this collective will be responsible for the creation, capturing and distribution of recorded materials by both local musicians and friends from around, both by themselves and as a whole.New album availableThe new full-length album from Damian Mulinix, titled "Honey, Time and Winner," is now available for purchase from Penny Collection Recordings through www.damianmulinix.com, as well as at live shows. The album, which is 11 tracks and 35 minutes long, sells for $10. If you order from the site the shipping is free.

The paper folding case was designed by Damian and features art by his grandmother of him as a boy, and was inspiration for one of the songs. Each case is also put together by Damian's own two hands, with the help of rulers, scissors and glue, a real collector!

For more info or to order, contact: info@damianmulinix.com.

The track order for the album are as follows:

1. Chapter One

2. Somewhere, Sometime

3. 20 Too

4. With White Laces

5. Honey, Time and Winner

6. No Surprise; (or, ... And Now a Tale of Childhood Journeys and the Problems With Early Bedtimes

7. St. Agnes Eve

8. The Bus Ride Home & Latchkey First Loves

9. Vista High

10. Oh Holy Ghost Pt. 1

11. Six Silver Linings

For more information on Damian Mulinix and the Penny Collection Recordings see: www.damianmulinix.com, or email at: mulinix@damianmulinix.com

Saturday, June 10, 7:30 p.m.

Goose Hollow at the Cove, 220 Avenue U, Seaside. With special guest sRich and Hayley of Coinslot Muse.

Friday, June 16, 7pm

Ship Ashore Resort Lounge

12370 Hwy 101

Smith River, Ca.

$3 cover

With special guests Save the Clocktower

Sunday June 18, 1 pm

The Catch Cafe

355 Main Street

Trinidad, Ca

Free show

With special guest Carrie Starr

Friday, June 23, 7 p.m.

The Metro - all ages in-store performance! 858 G Street, Arcata, Calif., with special guests.

Sunday June 25, 8pm

Six Rivers Brewery Hall

1300 Central Ave

McKinleyville, Ca 95591

Free show

With special guests Carrie Starr and Save the Clocktower


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