Heather Christie returns to the River Theater this time with acoustic guitar in hand without the band Friday, Sept. 19. Performing with her is East Coast acoustic artist Brian Webb.

Into a Boston singer/ songwriter scene, seemingly saturated with independent artists bearing guitar strap calluses, Webb wandered north from his hometown of Atlanta, Ga., where he had shared stages with future well-knowns such as Shawn Mullins, Josh Joplin, India Arie and Angie Aparo.

He joined numerous song-circles and performed in the round with local songwriters for an array of worthy causes.

The biggest student-run college radio station in Boston, WERS, plays his new album almost obsessively - they even made a despondent, on-air announcement one morning when they could not find his CD.

Imagine if Jackson Browne (looks and talent all-inclusive) had been born in the mid-seventies, raised with his father's radio tuned to Lionel Richie, Billy Joel and Genesis, and then went through fervid Sarah McLachlan and Ani DiFranco phases, thanks to an ahead-of-the-curve group of female friends ... add a dose of Southern charm (with just a trace of an accent) and you have a framework for Webb.

The duo performs at 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 19 at the River Theater, 230 W. Marine Drive. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students and seniors. Beer and wine will be available.


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