Melanie Lessard of A Lewis and Clark Trading Post presents "Eat Your Way West with Lewis & Clark," a cookbook of historical recipes from the years 1801 to 1950. Lessard will sign copies of the book from 10 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6. The authors of three recipes in the book will also be on hand with samples of their work.

With recipe titles such as Grandmother Clark's Gopher Pie and Ground Hog Stew, they may not tempt the tastebuds, but they sure make for entertaining reading.

Lessard collected 147 recipes from those who answered her recipe contest.

"There are some great recipes in here. Some are historical. Some are hysterical," she said.

The winners are Marguerite Braley Brallier with a recipe for Mince Meat Made From Elk. Second place went to Charlie Weaver for Charlie's Down Home Pork roast and Dorothy Murray took third place with her Pemmican recipe. Both Weaver and Murray will be on hand on Saturday with samples of their recipes. Bill Brooks will also be there with his recipe for the aforementioned Grandmother Clark's Gopher Pie.

Lessard says the book was a family project. Many of her relatives have recipes in the book and the photo of a restored Oregon Trail wagon was done by her father.

Some proceeds from the book will be donated to the University Wranglers 4-H Horse Club.

"Eat Your Way West with Lewis and Clark," $13.95, is available at A Lewis and Clark Trading Post, 1001 Commercial St.; (503) 325-5263


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