NEW YORK (AP) — When it comes to making a statement about female empowerment, Glenn Close lets her roles do the talking. The actress has blazed trails throughout her nearly five-decade career without being overtly political.

On Monday, the Museum of the Moving Image honored Close with a gala and its annual award.

Before the honor, Close admitted she was "very emotional" while writing her remarks and remembering the incredible people she's collaborated with over the years.

Looking back on her body of work, Close is comfortable being called a role model for a generation of young women.

"I do. I do. Yes, I'm very proud of that. And, I think that has mattered too," Close said. "I speak through my work."

She added: "I'm not somebody who has made a huge political stand. I really believe that art is vital for the soul and heart of our country and our culture. And I believe in positive contributions to our collective nervous system."

Close points to how "Dangerous Liaisons" proved costume dramas could be hits and how her role as the rare leading female lawyer in "Jagged Edge" led to more women portrayed in the legal profession.

Some of those roles have led to iconic phrases and classic movie lines, like "I will not be ignored," from "Fatal Attraction" and the phrase "chilling out" from "The Big Chill."

Close made her feature debut in "The World According to Garp," earning her first of six Oscar nominations. Other nominations include "The Big Chill," ''Fatal Attraction," and "Dangerous Liaisons." She also won Tony Awards for her performances in "The Real Thing," ''Death and the Maiden," and "Sunset Boulevard."


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