The Daily Astorian invites people to share the music they are enjoying and describe a few thoughts about the work. This week, Mark Evans, the co-owner of Seaside’s 94.9 FM “The Bridge,” gives us his playlist. Evans was a former morning news anchor and news director at radio stations in California before buying the Seaside station with his wife, Mickie, earlier this year. To submit a playlist, send to

Q: What are you listening to now?

A: New releases by Coldplay, Cage the Elephant, Heather Nova, David Gilmour, Grace Potter, Keith Richards, Adele, as well as new artists Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, Lord Huron, City and Colour, Kaleo, Leon Bridges, Nikki’s Wives and Radiobirds.

Q: How did you discover it?

A: As a music radio station we are bombarded with new music sent to us by indie artists and record companies that must be sifted through and whittled down to produce what we most want the sound of our station to deliver. Industry publications and national playlists provide plenty of new release options.

Q: What’s its special appeal?

A: It falls into that “Bridge Music” category, not overly hipster to the point of alienating casual listeners but not so stale as to drive away the rock fan looking for something new. Some of the old songs we play sound like they could have been recorded last year and, conversely, newer tracks have that vintage sound that connects the listener with past experiences.

Q: What’s music you keep coming back to?

A: It must be interesting to the ear and deliver that creative spark that makes you hungry for more. It could be a distinctive vocal, a blend of instruments, a melody, or a driving beat.

Q: How do you choose music for your on-air shows?

A: There is an overall tonal blend that makes “Bridge Music” what it is you hear through your speakers. Most of the week you hear the primary adult alternative format based on the music above. But at times music is selected for special occasions, Sunday night blues for instance. We are about 70 percent current and 30 percent pre-current (oldies).

Q: What advice would you give to discover new music?

A: Well I’m a bit partial on where to find new music! But music is everywhere. I was watching TV and a cellphone commercial caught my eye with James Franco falling from the top of a building. A song about having all the time in the world was playing. I looked it up on my iPhone on the spot and discovered it was a band called the Bahamas. Instant add for “The Bridge.”

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