The Daily Astorian asked Facebook followers “Who is the biggest Seahawks fan you know?”

There were about 40 submissions, including several duplicates and one asking about including Patriots’ fans (sure, if you are so brave), and 2,318 people were reached, putting an exclamation point on local enthusiasm for the Seattle Seahawks return to the Super Bowl Sunday. If we missed any nominations or photos, please forgive and focus on the game. We welcome further posts and photos to or to The original thread is at More photos are in the Fan Gallery at It’s been fun and we’ll be watching Sunday.

In mostly their own words, here are some nominations for the top fan.

It’s about the car, and more

At least seven Facebookers suggested that Janice Bottelson of Astoria reigned supreme in Seahawks fandom. One big reasons has to be her car. Here’s what she says:

“It’s actually not a paint job: It’s a hood cover I got for my birthday last year. I was born and raised on football and my mom has always been a Seahawks fan. So I have always loved them. I always have people telling me I’m obsessed, and I am. I guess I love football and I love the Seahawks. My car is a 2006 Ford Focus. I got it from Astoria Ford almost three years ago and the first things to be put on it was my Seahawks brake-light cover and my decals.”

Doesn’t miss a game, ever, really

Rhonda Green of Astoria may be hard to beat in the top fan category. Her husband, Patrick Green, and her mom, Karen Alexander, conspired to nominate her in secret and the proof is pretty compelling. Here’s what her husband says:

“Rhonda is honestly the biggest Seahawks fan I know. She grew up in the Seattle area. As much as her Mom tried to make her a ‘pretty in pink’ girl, her pink room with the white furniture had posters of Jim Zorn, Steve Largent and Manu Tuasosopo on the walls. She turned 50 this year, and I said anything you want to do we can do. What did she choose? Seahawks Training Camp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, so off we went.

“She doesn’t miss a game. We were on vacation last year and her main goal was to find a TV that would show the Seahawks. 90 degrees, white sand beaches and she is in her Seahawks shirt in front of the TV watching the game. She has the same routine every Sunday during football season, and wears the same shirt, socks and pants. Sits in the same chair. She has a room in our home that she calls The Hawks Nest and her office at work is all Seahawks. She works in Warrenton at Recology Western Oregon. Although there is a dress code there, you will find her wearing her ’Hawks jersey under her sweater on Blue Friday, along with her Seahawks socks and her ‘You Mad Bro’ bracelets. This lady even carries a Seahawks lunch box. Years ago we used to tease her about what a poor team they were. She would just smile and say, ‘Someday, they will be great, you will see.’ And well, it looks like she was right!”

Her mom adds:

“She indeed is a huge fan. We had a little situation at home when she was 14 years old and she proclaimed to her dad and I that she had every intention of being the center for the Seahawks when she grew up. Boy did she cry when her dad told her that was probably not going to happen.

Baby’s closet is bigger than mine

Jessica Sawtell nominated Andy Harms and Whitney Nichole Cooper of Warrenton. Whitney writes:

“Andy and I are dedicated Seahawks fans! We watch every game and try to go to one a year in Seattle. We had our first baby in October 2014 so we weren’t able to go this year. Andy’s grandparents were season ticket holders when they were alive and my grandparents have always loved the Seahawks, too. Eventually Andy and I would love to be season ticket holders.

“Andy’s biggest hobby is football and the Seahawks or Oregon Ducks! Anyone who knows him knows how much he loves his Seahawks and football. He is usually wearing something Seahawks. He is always reading articles about them and knows random facts and everything that is going on with them. His family actually teases him because he knows so much about them. He has a man cave that is dedicated to Seahawks and Ducks, but he has way more Seahawks stuff.

“Seahawks have actually brought us closer as a couple. I have always liked the Seahawks and rooted for them, but since I have dated Andy I have done even more. We love our football Sundays that we spend as a family. He teaches me a lot when we are watching games, too. It is definitely something we bond over.

“Game days, we are both anxious. Andy is usually quiet. I am superstitious and have to dress my dogs in their Seahawks shirts and Brynleigh (our daughter) in her Seahawks outfits. (For the NFC championship) game I actually had to go change her outfit three times because we weren’t doing too hot in the beginning. I have other things I have to do through out the game also for good luck! It is definitely an event in our household. We plan on raising our baby girl right and hopefully she will be a dedicated 12, as well.

PS. Did I mention our bathroom is Seahawks themed?”

Like father …

Florent Berani of Ilwaco, Wash., writes:

“My son’s name is Florian Berani and he is 7 years old. I grew up in the bay area California, and naturally you would think I was a 49ers fan, but definitely not. I am only 28 years old and lived in Washington for going on 10 years. When I was younger and had to choose a NFL team and, not knowing much about football, I chose the team with the best logo (Seahawks). Wouldn’t you know it, I ended up moving to Ilwaco. I have two younger brothers, and they are diehard 49ers fans, so we have a fun, but competitive, rivalry. My son is fascinated by the rivalry/love we share for each other, and he likes to try and find a middle ground for us to agree on each other’s teams about one fact or another.”

A winner, by longevity and heredity

In The Daily Astorian/EO Media Group family, Director of Digital Services Crindalyn Lyster of Long Beach, Wash., reigns supreme. Here’s what she says:

“I may not be the biggest Seahawks fan, but I can say that I’m a true fan and have been as long as the Seahawks have been a team. My love for the team came from my dad and I’ve passed that passion along to my son. The entire Lyster family is and has always been 12s. I was at the game when Steve Largent took a bow at his last game in 1989. I was there at the last regular season game played in the Kingdome before it was torn down. I attended games at University of Washington’s Husky Stadium when that was the ’Hawks home for two years while Century Link was being built. I’ve attended Seahawks preseason training in Cheney before their fancy digs in Renton. I was in high school when I saw the Seahawks basketball team play the Ilwaco alumni in a basketball game in Ilwaco. Largent and Bosworth posters hung on my bedroom wall growing up. I collected Seahawks football cards. I was even a season ticket holder for many years. It was the one thing that we couldn’t reach an agreement in my divorce, and the only amicable decision was to sell them. Being a Seahawks fan has been a special kind of relationship. I was there when the team was born in 76, watched them struggle through their youth with various spots of hope that they’d one day mature into the great team they are today. It’s definitely been an unconditional love with this team and I’ll be there tell the end. Go ’Hawks!

If you have to commit at a young age …

Aaron Barendse nominated David Wines of Warrenton, but who grew up in Ocean Park, Wash., who said:

“As long as I can remember I’ve loved the Seahawks. I have pics from a young age wearing ’Hawks gear. I remember watching games with my grandparents who both loved the Seahawks. Now I rarely miss a game with my mom, brothers, niece and nephews, and my best friend. Being a 12 is like being in a family. Win or lose, I’m a 12 till the end! GO HAWKS!!!

A family that plays together

Laura Lee nominated Jennifer Bartlett of Warrenton:

“We have always been Seahawks fans. Gus was born in ’76 and that’s the year the Seattle Seahawks were founded. Gus and I have gotten son Brody to really be into sports, and football is by far his favorite. Whenever he hears it he hollers “SEAHAWKS” and has done that since he first started talking. Our whole family is Seahawks fans. My family lived in Seattle until they were older then moved to Seaside, where they live now.”

Drive to succeed

Bethany Kunde nominated Dane Gouge of Astoria.

In addition to his Seahawks tattoo and going to apparently every game he can get to, Dane makes sure to document the journey. When contacted about his nomination, he and his wife were at a work-related (Astoria Ford) event in San Francisco following attending the NFC Championships.

Wearing the pride

Mom Marta Guitron of El Tapatio in Astoria gives a shout out to 12-year-old son Sebastian Rivas who took the scalp-exposing plunge.

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