In case of tsunami, read this

By Dani Palmer

EO Media Group

In a coastal community like Cannon Beach, knowing where you are is imperative in case of an earthquake or tsunami.

For most residents, that isn’t a problem. But for the thousands of visitors who swarm the coast each year, it’s good information.

Throughout Clatsop County, local agencies have been adding new signs or stickers to existing signage pointing out, “You are here.”

Cannon Beach Public Works Director Dan Grassick said the city has made reference to landmark Haystack Rock in some of its maps to help visitors out.

Michaela Jackson, a visitor to the coast from Denver, said she has heard about Oregon’s earthquake threat, but wouldn’t know where to go.

“I think a lot of people would just book it for the hills or follow the crowd,” she said. “Some probably wouldn’t even realize the danger at all. I think the maps are a good thing to pay attention to.”

Cannon Beach began updating its evacuation route maps last year and is working on deploying them now. They’ve been revised with 2013 Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries flood hazard study information.

The revisions are minor, but take some areas out of the hazard zone. They’re not based on “exact or hard science,” though, Grassick added. Tsunami waves could be larger than predicted.

“You get as high and far as you can,” he said. “Don’t stop running. The further you can get from the beach, the better and safer you’re going to be.”

In Tolovana Park, city staff have added four new signs to beach accesses since last fall, along with upgraded staircases.

Those evacuation route maps aren’t only useful in case of an emergency, but add a level of convenience for tourists and new residents.

“A lot of people use the maps for getting around town,” Grassick said with a chuckle.

All 10 Cannon Beach tsunami evacuation pedestrian route maps have been updated based on the latest information from the state of Oregon. These maps can be downloaded from the city Web page, They may also be purchased at Copies and Fax, 171 Sunset Blvd., for a nominal cost.

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