NASELLE, Wash. - The winners of the Naselle Finnish-American Folk Festival raffle were announced at the closing program of the event July 31. In all, 12 prizes were awarded in the fund-raising activity. Rosie Johnson, chairwoman of the raffle reported that the entire supply of raffle tickets was sold and that more tickets probably could have been sold if they would have been available.

The top prize of $1,000 went to Barbara Wallin of Ilwaco, Wash. Ruth Sheldon of Ocean Park, Wash., won the $880 Harvia sauna stove donated by Finlandia Saunas Inc. of Portland. The Iittala Finnish crystal bird donated by Finn Ware of Astoria was won by Bill Murdock of Vashon Island, Wash. K. Hollingsworth of Knappa was the winner of wall hanging donated by Finn Ware of Astoria. The wishing well planter donated by Leonard Vaughn of Naselle went to John Larson of Astoria. Michelle Zilli of Astoria won the quilt made by Carolyn Simukka of the Naselle Lutheran Church Ladies.

The Commercial Barber Shop of Astoria was the winner of a hand-made quilt donated by the female residents of the Naselle Youth Camp. Sharon Mattson of Ilwaco won two handmade rugs donated by the Naselle Congregational Church Women. Junea Brannon of Naselle won a wooden vase donated by Tim Wilson of Naselle. Kaye Weimer of Naselle won a sauna pitcher donated by Scandia Imports of Beaverton. Philip Wirkkala of Naselle won a framed poster donated by Steve Raistakka of Affordable Framing of Naselle. Pat Wagler of Forest Grove won a basket of products donated by members of the Finnish-American Folk Festival Association committee of Naselle.


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