GEARHART - For the final show of the season, the Blue Gallery presents new work by two of the gallery's favorite artists.

Lisa Onstad returns to Gearhart with profound and petite paintings of acrylic and wax. Onstad's initial presentation at this time last year was an instant success, selling out in only a few days. Her new work uses a similar technique, emphasizing oceans and open spaces which are spotted with small treasures. The paintings themselves are the bounty she portrays in her landscape visions. They are paintings about a place with paintings. "They are quite possibly the most beautiful things you've ever seen," said gallery co-owner Don Frank.

"Nails," encaustic by Deborah Starr.Deborah Starr, the other co-owner of Blue Gallery, has completed her first full body of work in several years. Though her paintings have been seen in limited batches over time, she comes out swinging with the real deal. The show, "Sometimes the Solution, Sometimes the Problem," challenges narcissists to forego the ego and be a part of the big picture. Working in the ancient medium of encaustic, she creates opaque visions that reminisce how more innocent times have become the complex world we live in now. "For good measure," said Frank, "she pieces together photo collages that takes whatever it was that was giving you a headache and makes it go away."

The Blue Gallery is a family friendly gallery at 95 S. Cottage Ave., offering art, beverages and conversation on Opening Night, 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 4. For information, call (503) 738-5118.


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