Marlin Martin, Clatsop Community Action Regional Food Bank director, was given the Oregon Food Bank Ron Cease Award for Excellence at the annual Hunger Busters Award Ceremony.

“Marlin Martin has gone above and beyond in the fight against food insecurity, not just for Clatsop County but for all Oregonians,” said George Sabol, CCA executive director. “He developed relationships with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State Police, and two local fish hatcheries in order to increase the amount of fresh protein for Clatsop County emergency food box recipients. In conjunction with the Oregon Tuna Classic, these partnerships resulted in more than 20,000 pounds of fish, elk, venison and other game being donated to the CCA Regional Food Bank in 2011.”

Martin was one of the originators of the idea to initiate, develop and pass a law, HB 4068, to make it easier for food banks to acquire donations of fish by-catch, which was previously wasted. He also helped raise funding for, and facilitated a project to construct a new regional food bank, and initiated new programs to teach people to grow, reap, preserve, and cook food to stretch their dollar. Because of his efforts, the regional food bank can now also obtain bulk quantities of food and repack the product.