Any environmentally conscious North Coaster is concerned about the enormous GARBAGE PATCHES of plastic debris floating around in the Pacific.

According to a story on (http://tiny, a 19-year-old Dutch aerospace engineering student, BOYAN SLAT (pictured, inset), is making quite a splash in the news. As part of a student project, he has designed the OCEAN CLEANUP ARRAY (also pictured) to filter the plastic out of the ocean.

On his website,, he explains that the cleanup array’s water processors would be fixed to the sea bed. Floating booms would be used instead of nets, and the platform’s moving wings would keep solid contact with the ocean’s surface. The platforms will run on solar, current and wave energy.

Don’t get too excited yet. Boyan says that while the preliminary results “look promising,” his team has only completed about a quarter of the feasibility study. Stay tuned for further developments.

— Elleda Wilson


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