SEASIDE - The Celtic music of Golden Bough will ring through the Broadway School Auditorium, 1120 Broadway in Seaside, 8 p.m. Saturday, April 5.

The group will perform pieces from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany and Gallacia.

Members include Margie Butler and Paul Espinoza (co-founders of Golden Bough) and the newest addition to their line-up, violinist Kathy Sierra.

Since 1980, Golden Bough has played throughout North America, Europe and Japan. Their interpretation of music has made them a favorite with audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, gaining critical acclaim and enthusiastic support from folk fans wherever they perform. Their first European performances were in the streets and small folk clubs in the early 1980s. These simple beginnings soon led to major tours of European cities, which continue to this day. While on these tours, Golden Bough has regularly visited Ireland and Scotland, including appearing at The Belfast International Festival and The Edinburgh Frynge.

The music of Galicia is the latest to be added to Golden Bough's ever-growing Celtic repertoire. Galicia is one of the few areas in Continental Europe that has been able to maintain its Celtic Culture. With melodies similar to Irish and Scottish music, the Galician music also incorporates the rhythms of Spain, giving it a flavor of its own. Espinoza, whose family has roots in Spain, hopes to continue the research of this province and further explore the Celtic music of Galicia, incorporating it even more into Golden Bough's collected works.

Besides the traditional music of the Celtic lands, Golden Bough also performs its own compositions, many of which are based on these musical styles. The group's instrumentation includes the Celtic harp, guitar, penny-whistle, recorder, violin, viola, octave-mandolin, accordion, and bodhran (the Irish hand drum). Blending their voices in three-part harmony, they sing ballads, sing-alongs and a capella pieces.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children and seniors.

For more information on Golden Bough, their recordings, concert schedule and history, access their Web site at

For concert information, call (503) 738-7409.