BBC goes to the Goondocks


Lloyd Seely sent the Ear a link to a delightful BBC story by David G. Allen, “The Goonies’ guide to the US Pacific Northwest” for the BBC’s online travel section ( Cannon Beach gets some love from Allen for its part in the movie, but Astoria shines. Pictured, the Goonie House.

“... The film’s best casting: hilly, green, wet Astoria, Oregon. The foggy coastal hamlet with colourful Victorian homes is dripping with cloudy discontent but also rife with verdant possibility. It may not look like much at first glance ... but treasures await if you explore.”

And from there, the writer goes on to extol Astoria’s many virtues via the film’s shooting locations around town.

He interviewed Micah Dugan at the Oregon Film Museum, who told him, “It used to be salmon and timber and now it’s Goonies.” As if to prove it, Allen then provides a link to the 30th Anniversary Goonie Celebration. A BBC story plugging an event in Astoria? Whoda thunk it?

— Elleda Wilson

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