Definitely, he says


And the Goonies 2 bandwagon rolls on: Lawrence Yee, editor-in-chief of Fandom, recently interviewed Sean Astin, who played Mikey Walsh in “The Goonies” ( “It will definitely get made,” Astin told Fandom. “Either in Steven Spielberg’s lifetime when he says yes, or after his lifetime, when WB (Warner Brothers) takes it over.”

“Spielberg has been very protective of the idea,” Astin added. “He’s always wanted to do the sequel. Three years after we finished, he sent me a poster and asked me about it … I think they’ve had lots of versions of that script written, and I think he just hasn’t felt like it would capture the same feeling of that time. But it will (be made) at some time. I would be happy to participate, or happy to bring my grandchildren.”

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