Go home, Goonies


It wasn’t surprising that it made the local news when a beleaguered Sandi Preston, owner of the fan mecca, the Goonies house, threw in the towel after claiming that over a thousand visitors a day were invading her privacy, and she covered the place in blue tarps to hide it from view. The city chimed in, too, and put up a “Access closed to the Goonies house” sign.

The owner’s dramatic meltdown made statewide news, too, but holy cow, on Wednesday it made the national news. NBC’s Today show featured a 36-second “Pop Start” piece about the tempest in a tarp (http://tinyurl.com/todaygoon). A screen shot of the story is shown, courtesy of NBC and the Today show.

The hosts were utterly amazed that fanatical fans of a 30-year-old movie, who are known as Goonies, themselves, could be causing such a kerfuffle.

“I see a road trip coming,” one host said. Maybe she even meant it. — Elleda Wilson

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