Goonie liaison


Fred China, aka the French Goonie, has just released a 2015 interview he filmed with Astorian Paul Gillum — who was the liaison for the city of Astoria during the filming of “The Goonies” — on his Facebook page, “The Goonies Website.”

You can also see the video at Paul, left, and Fred, are pictured in a screenshot from the video.

Paul’s job on the movie, as he described it, was to “help with locations, and security of personnel and just helping in general,” which covers a lot of territory. It also involved working directly with both Steven Spielberg and director Richard Donner.

“They were absolutely wonderful,” Paul recalled. “They were probably the friendliest people I have ever worked with. I was in absolute awe of both of them together when I first met them, just knowing who they were. … It was just such a wonderful experience … it was like a family.” He had high praise for the young actors, too. “The kids were wonderful to work with, he said. “They were funny. They were always active, they were always doing something off the wall when they weren’t being filmed. They were fun.”

Overall, he noted, “It was so professional. I just so thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t think of any bad experiences I had.” Watch the full video to hear the rest.

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