Just for fun


“With this being the 30th anniversary of ‘The Goonies,’ my friend, Dan Martland and I traveled to Astoria, Oregon, to visit the filming locations used in the town — just for fun,” Nick Dixon, pictured inset, wrote. He is a correspondent with a UK network TV show called “Good Morning Britain.”

“We are both huge fans of the film,” he explained, “and were both so blown away by the passion of fans there and the legacy that the film has left in Astoria (for better and for worse...), that we decided to make an impromptu short film an hour after we arrived in the town! Our mini-documentary explores the enduring appeal of the movie, and how residents of Astoria feel about their town being invaded.”

Edited and written in their Astoria hotel room, finishing just before catching the flight back to London, “Hey You Guys!” features interviews with Sandi Preston, Mac Burns, Mick Alderman, and other locals, film locations, and 30th anniversary revelry, including the unknown truffle shuffler who is pictured. You can watch the video at http://tinyurl.com/goondoc

“Our families think we’re absolutely bonkers to have done this,” Nick added, “but we are very big fans, and felt it might be a nice tribute to both Goonies fans and Astoria residents!” And so it is.

— Elleda Wilson

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