Memories on the half-shell


“While they were filming (‘The Goonies’) here, Jim (pictured) and Tim Gannaway, the twin goldsmiths at GB Jewelers in Warrenton, wanted to show their appreciation to the cast,” Carla Shearn wrote. “By chance, Jeanette E. Stevens, owner of the Ecola Inn in Cannon Beach, brought the Gannaway brothers a cockle shell from the beach near the film location.”

“The lights went off. This would be a great memento for the moviemakers,” Carla recalled. “They took a mold of the shell, made some slight modifications, cast it in 14-karat gold, set a pearl in it, and made necklaces.

“One of our favorite television shows in the mid-1960s was the ‘Addams Family,’ featuring John Astin as Gomez Addams. Sean Astin, (his son and) a child star in the movie, received one of our gifts.

“We were thrilled when (Sean’s) father came to thank us for the gift. Jim said, ‘He did not come into our store in character, but he was every bit the gentleman as Gomez Addams.’” And by the way, GB Jewelers has revived the cockle shell pendant for a limited time in honor of the Goonies 30th anniversary event.

Sweet tooth alert: Sloth (Elijah Gannaway, also pictured) will be out during the celebration at the intersection of U.S. Highway 101 and Marlin Avenue in Warrenton handing out free Baby Ruth bars to welcome the Goonies fans.

— Elleda Wilson

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