No news is … no news


Gregory Wakeman at recently interviewed Chris Columbus, who wrote the screenplay for the 1985 classic, “The Goonies.” ( “Do you have an update on ‘Goonies 2’?” Wakeman asked.

“There has been talk of it,” Columbus hedged. “That’s a difficult one. Only because all of the actors have gotten older and chosen different careers. So that’s a little more difficult …” (An illustration of the grown-up Goonies cast is shown, courtesy of

But hey, what different careers? Most of the child actors in the “The Goonies” are still active in show biz one way or another (even Jeff Cohen is an entertainment lawyer). Except, perhaps, Jonathan Ke Quan, who seemed to drop off the face of the earth until he popped up at a Comic Con last year with Sean Astin and Corey Feldman. So for now, anyway, Goonies still aren’t saying die.

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