Pilfering primates


Fun rerun from 2013 in honor of Goonie Days, June 7-10: The Ear came across a Goonies trivia tidbit the other day on the Ain’t It Cool News website, featuring two still shots of two gorillas that were taken during the filming of “The Goonies” (tinyurl.com/2gorillas). One is shown; a section of the other is inset.

The article noted that “apparently these gorillas … were released during the initial Fratelli car chase at the beginning of the movie, and were to pop up at different times throughout the film.” The Ear looked up the script, and yup, it’s true. The apes turn up on pages 5, 12A, 12B and 101 (tinyurl.com/goonapes).

From page 101: “The two gorillas leap out of their red golf cart on the other side of the pumps! Grunting in ecstasy at the sight of Troy’s red automobile, they lumber toward it, tossing Troy and his friends to one side like Cabbage Patch dolls.

“Bonzo jumps onto the hood, caving it in, as Bertha leaps into the car. Bonzo takes his familiar place behind the wheel, reaches out to stomp on the pedals. The car lurches forward and drives away erratically, spinning from side to side.”

This subplot didn’t make it into the film or the extra features on the DVD and Blu-ray editions, so the pilfering primates are gone — but not quite forgotten.

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