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Richard Donner, director of “The Goonies,” strikes again. Last year he caused quite a stir by saying a sequel was likely to happen (it hasn’t). Recently he spoke up again, this time to say there are new plans for the coming-of-age classic. The Goonies are pictured, courtesy of Warner Brothers Entertainment.

Playbill reported that Donner told Yahoo ( “We’re going to do an Off-Broadway (of ‘The Goonies’). Do you know what immersion theater is? Where there’s no seats. The venue is, you go into a warehouse and there’s something happening in that warehouse, and that’s the play you’ve come to see — only you become part of it, and you travel through with actors.”

“It’s very popular now,” Donner explained. He was referring to immersive-theater productions like “Sleep No More,” a long-running hit. “It will take another year or so, but it’s going to be wonderful.”

Time will tell, but back to the Goonies sequel. What about it?

“Everything takes a long time to get it right,” Donner told Yahoo. “If you do things fast and quick and easy, that’s a disservice. If there were going to be another movie it would take us a long time to get it right, because we have a lot of history that we’re involved with, and a lot of integrity that we have to keep to what once was, and lives a life of its own without destroying it. Maybe the powers that be are working on something.” Is that cryptic enough for you?

— Elleda Wilson

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