The return of One-Eyed Willie?


Here we go again … more rumblings about a sequel to “The Goonies.” This time the quote comes from “Mikey” himself, Sean Astin at the Phoenix ComiCon earlier in June, according to ( A still from the original Goonies movie is shown.

During a panel discussion at the event, Astin said, “In the original Goonies, it’s not the only time that Mikey would come face to face with One-Eyed Willie. That’s the best I can do.”

Hmmm. Does that mean they will meet again in the sequel? Actors are careful about what they say about upcoming projects, and this sounded like a deliberate hint that things are moving along with the sequel. Will we be hearing something official soon?

The Ear checked out Astin’s Facebook page, to see if there was a smidgen of a leak there. Nothing posted by Astin himself, but several media outlets picked up on his quip at ComiCon and posted to his page. The sequel speculation frenzy has been whipped up yet again. Stay tuned.

— Elleda Wilson