It’s time for a TSUNAMI DEBRIS roundup, since the flotsam is landing (or still floating) all over the North Coast and beyond.

JIM FURNISH found the large upside-down boat dock (pictured) in Gearhart June 28. The stamps and writing on the tires are in Japanese.

JOANNE RIDEOUT was driving home from Tillamook recently, and thinks she saw a large chunk of debris floating in the ocean before it disappeared under the waves. “I wonder whether it sank, or is still floating where no one can see it, just below the surface,” she said.

KPTV Channel 12 in Portland reported that a 30- to 40-foot boat with Japanese writing, floating bow up, has been spotted about 1,800 miles off the Pacific Northwest Coast. Weirder yet, a large school of Dorado fish seems to be tagging along (

The GRASS ROOTS GARBAGE GANG has already picked up loads of styrofoam off Long Beach, Wash., beaches, not to mention a truly creepy mannequin head (pictured, inset).

The Anchorage Daily News mentions a 24-foot fiberglass boat, the KAIHO-MARU (Pleasant Treasure), that washed up in Alaska. Even after being scraped and pressure washed, “it’s really stinky,” said one of the people who found it (

And it keeps on rolling in. To report debris, call 211 or the backup number, (800) SAFENET.

— Elleda Wilson


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