A few weeks ago, the Ear ran a story about a Finnish 78 rpm record with an OWL DRUG sticker on it that LORI DURHEIM’s daughter, SARALYN DURHEIM, found. Saralyn lives in Colorado, and was helping a friend sort through his old record collection. The record was “Tallella,” sung by tenor JUHO KOSKELO, pictured above, right, and originally cost a whopping 75 cents.

Pictured above, at left, the record label, courtesy of Empsonian Museum. 

“On Friday, Jan. 7, I donated the 78 rpm recording ... to the Clatsop County Heritage Museum,” Lori told the Ear. “If anyone knows any history of the recording, the singer, or Owl Drug selling records, please let the Heritage Museum know.”

You can reach the museum at (503) 325-2203. And by the way, the Ear would like to know more about the record, too.