Not everyone can afford to have a survival pod handy in the event of a cataclysmic tsunami. So the Japanese are turning to another, more affordable tool, according to The Asahi Shimbun, which ran an article recently about the boom in the sale of LIFE JACKETS ( Local governments are stocking up on vests, and even offering subsidies to encourage residents to buy their own – and there are several choices available.

One type folds up to look like a cushion, another (in production) is an automobile seat cover that doubles as a life vest, and then there’s the urethane flotation device, designed for those confined to a wheelchair. Other survival gear includes a hood device to protect the head from tsunami flotsam – it floats face-up even if the wearer is knocked out.

The article stresses that getting to higher ground, is the best way to survive, but in many sections of coastal Japan there is no high ground nearby. Sound familiar?

So while a life vest is a last resort, it is still better than nothing. Maybe North Coasters ought to give the idea some thought?

— Elleda Wilson


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